Hi, I am Boris Trivic,

a Wordpress, PHP, Java Spring and Sap ABAP developer.


Some of projects I worked on...

Freelance Platform

My personal open source project. Goal of the project is to speed up freelance websites development by providing a flexible and quality Java Spring platform for further development.

Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate ORM with MySQL, Thymeleaf, Bootstrap, Maven.

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E-commerce REST API

E-commerce REST API based on Java Spring, Spring Boot, Spring HATEOAS, Hibernate ORM with MySQL, JWT and Redis.

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I've worked for few months on maintenance of this social network. Users can upload or share Youtube sport club videos, follow clubs, make connections, write private messages, etc.

Technologies: PHP, Symfony, Docker.

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The invoicing software made for Netherland market. I worked on REST API CakePHP backend maintenance for few months. I have learned the basics of CakePHP framework and REST API programming.

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Metabolic Health Systems

Metabolic Health Systems provides an online client management program tailored towards Coaches, Trainers and Business Owners looking to not only manage all their client information, measurements, skinfolds, nutrition and exercise requirements for goal achievement, but also utilise a Dietitian Network for client referral

Technologies: Codeigniter/PHP, GIT, MySQL, Bootstrap, Pay Pal API integration...

View on metabolichealth.com.au


Code rewrite from vanilla (native) PHP to Codeigniter. Web application for seminar, congress or conference organization management.

Technologies: Codeigniter/PHP, GIT, MySQL, Bootstrap.

View on conforganiser.com


Web application for managing of chemical documentaions - users can create, manage and share chemical documentation easier and faster.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

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Inventory Management Software

Simple desktop multi-platform JavaFX inventory management application.

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SAP / ABAP developer @ Lanaco Company

2017 - present

Work on maintenance and enhancement of the large SAP R/3 projects. ABAP programs, Smartforms, HR infotypes, Enhancements, Java JCO, etc.

Freelance Web Developer @ Upwork


Work on various projects. Please check my UpWork profile.

Web Developer @ ConfOrganiser


Development of ConfOrganizer, a web application for science events organization management.

Web Developer @ Bens Consulting


Development of Chemius.net, an enterprise web application for managing documentation of hazard chemicals.

Frontend Web Developer @ Uspeh.com

02/2009 - 05/2009

My first job - doing frontend (HTML/CSS/Javascript) updated to websites. I did also few PSD to HTML conversions and PHP scripts.


Feel free to contact me on the following e-mail address: